Gretta Carney

Since graduating at the age of 20 something with a BA in Theatre and Film, Gretta has dedicated herself to food, healing and health. 
With a career that spans various guises including caterer, researcher, project manager, writer, gardener and homeopath, Gretta has also represented Aotearoa/New Zealand at Terra Madre, the International Slow Food Meeting of Indigenous Food Producers and has a National Diploma in Biodynamic Organic Agriculture. 
However her favourite occupation is the planning and execution of a feast as many many friends and family and catered guests will well testify. Hapī are best known for their almond satay noodle salads and gluten free chicken sandwiches, however they have many more years combined experience delivering fabulous feasts than they do serving takeaway organic lunch! Hapī only use the highest quality organic and wild-harvested ingredients, and prepare them in a manner that most manifests universal hapīness, whatever the occasion. The Hapī team are committed to delivering food and service of the highest standard in every aspect of their business.

Gretta Carney's Events

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A Hapi Cabaret

Daily Telegraph Building


Enjoy delicious food, dazzling cocktails and eclectic music at A Hapi Cabaret

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