Nici Wickes

Nici’s approach to cooking is simple - source the very best ingredients you can afford, focus on flavour over technique and definitely don’t stress! Trained as a chef, most of her knowledge of food and cooking comes from travelling the world, learning new ways of cooking and eating from the locals of whatever country she’s in. Making the TV travel-food series World Kitchen saw Nici travelling the globe over five years; “My way of travelling is not to spend time doing galleries and museums. Instead, I do food. It’s a delicious way to access a culture, experiencing a place through tasting the flavours, watching who and what’s cooking, and picking up ideas and tips so I can recreate and relive the experience back home. When I return from a trip I don’t have many photos to show, but I do have loads of food ideas to share and there’s nothing I enjoy more than making a dish that I’ve picked up overseas but using New Zealand’s produce because frankly, you can’t beat it for freshness and flavour! ”Her cookbooks (COOK EAT ENJOY and WORLD KITCHEN) have quickly become favourites in thousands of kitchens in NZ and around the world as have her live cooking shows. She's a lively, entertaining and informative chef who just loves food and traveling the world in search of flavour. Currently the food editor for Haven and Thrive magazines, her weekly recipes are undeniably inspirational yet easy to access for home cooks. It is Nici’s belief that anyone can make a truly heroic dish and that the health of New Zealand rests on our ability to be able to cook, eat and enjoy good, honest, real food and to teach our children to do the same.When she’s not cooking Nici loves to visit farmers’ markets, go mountain biking in summer and snowboarding in the winter and she does yoga to keep it all in balance!