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Discovering a Hawke's Bay Legend

The search is on for a super-visionary who has helped shape Hawke’s Bay into a leading food and wine destination, and we’d love to hear from you. In 2021 Sir Graeme Avery was crowned the inaugural legend for his lasting and momentous impact on the landscape of food tourism, and in 2022, Kim Thorp, of Black Barn Vineyards, was awarded the honours.

Now we’re all set to discover the 2024 stories of F.A.W.C! Hawke’s Bay Legends. Do you know a winemaker who has revolutionised the industry? A food producer whose humble harvest speaks volumes? Or perhaps a chef who has broken new ground?

F.A.W.C! Hawke’s Bay Legends Criteria

Longevity and Consistency: Minimum of 10 years' commitment to food and/or beverage industries in Hawke’s Bay

Vision: Have contributed to the creation and shaping of the culinary landscape in Hawke’s Bay 

Support: Consistently lent their weight and support to Hawke’s Bay as a food and wine destination and/or F.A.W.C!

Visitor: Have contributed to/enhanced the visitor experience in Hawke’s Bay


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Here at F.A.W.C! we are rightly proud of Hawke’s Bay’s legendary food and drink industries. But who are the visionaries who have helped shape New Zealand’s Food and Wine Country into the amazing playground for foodies that it is today?

From the boutique producers of the Wairoa District and the decadent dining of Napier City, to the produce powerhouse that is Hastings District and the prime farmlands of Central Hawke’s Bay, it’s the talented people behind the food and drink that we all enjoy who are leading the way.

Nominations close 31 March 2024.

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