Plan Your Stay

We know a country where the food is bountiful and the wine is beautiful. Where the skies are big because horizons are wide and the warm gentle landscape stretches out forever. Yet this country is not too far away at all. And yes, you are very, very welcome to visit. This country is Hawke's Bay, New Zealand's Food and Wine Country.

Visiting Hawke's Bay

You might be coming for F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic, but there's plenty more to keep you entertained between meals!

Award-winning food and wine, outstanding architecture, and warm balmy days surrounded by magnificent landscapes – Hawke’s Bay is pure paradise.

Getting here

Hawke's Bay's spectacular East Coast location is why most of us choose to live here. That doesn't mean it's hard to get here. In fact, it's quite the opposite!

Driving Flying

Plan your stay

Hawke's Bay is a mecca of wonderful things to see, do and taste! To ensure a winning F.A.W.C! weekend, find the perfect place to rest your head after satisfying your tummy. And don't forget to plan your ride to safely get from A to F.A.W.C! and back again.

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